Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Music of Saint Patrick

Well, I have added yet another brand new page to my blog, The Music of Saint Patrick. This continues my drive to document in one easy to read site all aspects of Patrick the man. As with the other pages on this site Music of Saint Patrick is not complete but an evolving piece. On the new page is a link to the Patrick Warrior Saint YouTube site where I have built a collection of great Irish videos.

I will have further news on the book soon.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Christy Moore reminds me of Saint Patrick

A great song, full of emotion. The pain that is deep in Irish thought is represented in this song. The voyage is another fab song, check it out.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Saint Patrick Pages

In the last few days I have worked on adding two brand new pages to this blog on St. Patrick. They are Saint Patrick's Day Food and The Food and Drink Saint Patrick Consumed. They are a work in progress but I believe the completed versions will add further character to my book Patrick Warrior Saint.

As to the book itself I have finally edited the book to chapter 7. I have also decided to revisit my original timetable. Perhaps it would be better to launch the book next year in January? It would then be a new book just in time for Paddy's Day. I am still undecided on this, I have pushed so hard to have the book ready, should I just pause now?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kindle for Saint Patrick

I have received my Kindle in the post. I have really been looking forward to this cool gadget and can't wait to have my new book on Saint Patrick downloaded onto it. I will blog on my initial impressions in the next few days
Over the last week I have spent some time considering my next page topic and today I can reveal exclusively that the new topic will be about..........
The food of Saint Patrick.
Yes, I intend to detail the types of food Patrick would have eaten and also the foods Irish people eat on Saint Patricks Day. I intend to give recipes and perhaps also ask a chef to demonstrate the methods used in the time of Patrick. This will be a huge endeavor but I feel it will add context to my book Patrick Warrior Saint.

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Page Topic for Saint Patrick

Having completed my Top 5 Myths of Saint Patrick page I will now progress onto a brand new page. Blogger allows up to ten additional pages and I intend to fill all ten by St. Patrick's Day 2011. The question I am trying to answer is the following.
Should I prepare a page on Saint Patrick next? Or a page on Patrick Warrior Saint, the book?
When I started this blog I was unsure as to where it would take me, it will be a journey and I am enjoying the trip. I never thought that I would complete pages on the historical Patrick but I do find his story fascinating and I would like to document his life in a simple to understand form.
As Ireland now slips further into the depression I also feel that I must also show what is great about this land, our culture, our heritage, our never give up spirit.
This blog is becoming more than I ever envisioned and despite the complications I am happy to continue, to do my best for Ireland.